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MUSIC: Jamal Ft. Praiztige - Baba

Fast rising artiste, Jamal is making his debut appearance in the music scene with a banger track titled “BABA“ featuring Praiztige,This jam was produced by Cirus. Both acts pulled out their A game to make this huge record and it would definitely enjoy your repeat button

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Nigeria vs Argentina: I don’t know why I didn’t award penalty to Nigeria – Turkish referee

Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakin said he did not know why he did not award the penalty for the handball of Argentine defender, Marcus Rojo, for Nigeria on Tuesday evening, according to Super Eagles captain, John Mikel Obi.
Mikel said the referee admitted that the ball touched the hand of Marcos Rojo in the 82nd minute of Tuesday’s game but he put up a defense in not awarding the crucial spot-kick.
The penalty, if awarded and scored at a time the match was 1-1, could have wrapped up a second round ticket for the Eagles.
Speaking at the post-match briefing in St Petersburg, Mikel said: “I asked the referee if he thought the ball struck Rojo’s hand and he said ‘yes;. The referee told me that the ball came off Rojo’s head before it hit his hand.”
Mikel added: ”I then asked Cakur why he didn’t award the penalty to Nigeria, he said: ‘I don’t know.’ That was sad because we checked the match video in the dressing room and it was a clear penalty kick.

“When the ball touches your hand in the penalty box, it’s a penalty. No two ways about that. Maybe he didn’t want to give us the second penalty. It is sad we had to exit the competition this way.
Speaking about his future with the national team, Mikel said he would be most delighted to lead the boys going further into the future.
I’m happy playing with this bunch of players. I expect them to grow into a great side and I think this team would make a good impression in the next four years. They are good boys with bright future,” he said.
“Of course, we did everything we could; we pushed and pushed to get the goal but it was not to be.
“We want to thank all Nigerians for their support; we have to keep going.”



Audio+Video!!! Double Tee – Sho mo age mi ni ft. Abbey Bash, King Wonder, Hassan Hassan and JB.

The shaku-shaku virus is still epidemic and fortunately, it has infected Double Tee as he musically infects Abbey Bash, King Wonder, Hassan Hassan and JB on this track tittled SHO MO AGE MI NI.

 The production is ace, while the delivery of the playful rap is accompanied by soulful singing. In this video directed by Akin-Akeem, the “sho mo age mi ni” madness features prominently and amusingly.

Like millenials would righly remark after listening to a fire tune: THIS IS A JAM.

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Why people think I’m dating Odunlade –Eniola Ajao, actress

Eniola Ajao is one of the hottest actresses in the movie industry. She’s young, beautiful and talented. And she’s also dynamic and versatile.

With over 75 movies to her credit, the UNILAG graduate of Accounting is still hungry for roles. In this interview, Ajao opens up on her career, relationship, and the reason people think she is dating handsome actor, Odunlade Adekola. Enjoy it.

Tell me about your background

Eniola Ajao is from Epe in Lagos State. My twin sister and I are the last born of the family of six. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but we are not poor.

So, how are your parents taking your stardom?

They are very proud of me. They know I can never drag their names in the mud. They know what I can do and what I can’t do.
You look so beautiful, what’s the secret of your beauty?

Nothing too serious, it’s just my normal daily beauty routine.
Like what?

I take my bath morning and night. I won’t like to mention any product here but I use the normal (beauty) products you can get in the market.

When did you come into movies?

I joined the movie industry in 2004, but I had to stop for a while after securing admission into University of Lagos to study Accounting. After my graduation I came back fully.

Can you remember the first movie you featured in and the year?

Yes, that was in 2006 and the title of the movie is ‘Igba Aimo’ written and produced by Adesanya Adesina. That was before I joined my boss, Odunlade Adekola.

Your first movie that I watched was Eniola and it’s very interesting. Is it your own movie and is it also a true-life story?

Yes, it’s my own movie, my production but not written by me. Eniola is a true-life story but we just added some little fiction to it.

Is that the only movie you have produced?

No, I am the producer of Daramola and Erin Oni but Eniola is the last one for now. I am someone who takes my time to do things, so don’t worry, another blockbuster would soon come to rule your screen.

How have you been coping working with Odunlade Adekola?

I do call him a genius. He is a total package in this industry. He can sing; he’s a fantastic actor, a great director and producer. Just name it; my boss is a great man. Working with him has really made me to be who I am today, though the best in me is yet to come. I bless God for where I am today in the industry, through him.

Who else do you look up to in the industry aside Odunlade?

Hmmm… there’s this special feeling I have when watching Genevieve Nnaji. She is one amazing person I admire.

Have you met her one on one?

No, not yet, but I look forward to that.

Can you also act in English movies?

Yes, very well. It’s one and the same industry. So, why not?

What is that thing or role you can’t act in movies?
As I earlier said that the best is yet to come, I look forward to more challenging roles.

I’ve watched some of your movies and I noticed that you like to play the role of an armed robber, you like to use the gun and sometimes I wonder if you were actually a trained shooter or someone who is used to pulling the trigger.

Chai! Anyway, I would say the first time that role came was in 2013 and that was in ‘Adebayo Aremu Abere’, and for the fact that I gave it my best, it’s been a referral to other jobs.

Is Eniola Ajao married?

I am not married but I am in a very serious relationship.

Hope your man is coping well with your relationship with your boss, Odunlade?

There’s no special relationship between my boss and I than that of an apprentice to a master. We are many (actors) under him and he treats us equally.

I mean your closeness to him, because you are his favourite
No, I am not his favourite. What of Tunde Owokoniran? Is it because he’s a male? If Tunde were a female, maybe people would have gotten that same feeling.

But what about some of your fans out there that feel you guys are dating?

Oh no! We are not dating o, I’m in his group, I’m subjected to him and he just has to make use of me. I hope that’s well stated.

But hope it’s not affecting your relationship with your man?

Never, not at all. My man knows him very well.

How is your man coping with the nature of your career?

I must say it’s not easy, truly. But any man who is coming into our lives should be man enough to own up to all his responsibilities. Once there’s love, trust and understanding, the relationship is secured. Like a lot of us look up to Omotola, so kudos to her husband.

Anytime you’re asked to play a romantic role in movies, do you feel horny?

Ha! Why would I? There’s one thing you people don’t understand. This is just a make believe industry. We are just acting. You can’t expect me to be horny with someone I’m not emotionally attached to.
Maybe you’re different; I once met an actress who said she’s always wet while playing romantic roles.And that means the person is not normal.

Okay, do you have a crush in the industry?

That was before I joined the industry.

And who’s that?

Pat Attah. Oh! I doubt if he’s still acting.

Have you ever been embarrassed because of your big bust?

My bust? No, maybe because I don’t expose my body. Is it too big? It’s just pumping up (laughter).

Have you experienced any harassment from your male fan?

Yes o, there’s this particular one that was all over me. He was always disturbing me that he wanted to date me and all those stuff. And when I told him I was not interested, he started insulting me; that is it because I’m an actress?

There is this saying that ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, you have all it takes so why do you like covering your body?
I would say it’s my upbringing, it’s not part of me to expose my body, it doesn’t teach morals.
You look so much like Moji Afolayan…
I have heard that severally, but when I met her one on one, I saw the resemblance and I can boldly say she is the most beautiful woman
in this industry; she’s just flawless. Yes, I can boldly say that. I’m not as beautiful as her; she’s extra-ordinarily beautiful.
But you are beautiful as well.

Thank you very much.

At your initial stage in the industry, what’s that major challenge you had?

Initially, I had challenges facing the camera.

What about sex for role from prominent producers?

Not at all, even for once. I am someone who doesn’t force things. I am a goal getter but I try as much as I can, not to push things in order not to be dragged. I was never desperate for fame, so everything just worked together for my good.

What has fame deprived you of?

Nothing really. I buy things I like anywhere. But of recent, I have stopped shopping at Lagos Island market. Anytime I try to do a quiet shopping, I end up rushing back home due to reactions from market people. Like ‘see this actress o, you don’t want to greet us abi?’ Initially, I wasn’t seeing anything in it but the harassment is getting out of hand.

Can marriage stop you from acting?

No, my man understands the nature of my career very well. Not even child bearing can stop me from acting. Not at all, but I know when we get to the bridge, we will cross it.

Is your man in the industry as well?

No, he’s not.

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Watch out how Emmanuella attacks President Buhari. (Mark Angel Comedy)

Zidane gives his reasons for Real Madrid departure

Zidane made history in his 878 days in chargeZidane's resignation a tragedy for Real Madrid10 matches that defined Zidane's career as Real Madrid coachWith the success in Kiev barely in the rear view mirror,Real Madridhave been rocked by Zinedine Zidane's decision to resign as the club's coach, and the Frenchman has given his reasons for his surprise departure.A hastily arranged press conference occurred on Thursday afternoon where the club's second most successful coach made clear his intention to depart."After three years, I think it's time to leave, it's difficult to continue coaching after that length of time," he explained to the gathered media."I didn't see clearly that we're going to continue winning definitely."There comes a moment when you believe that it's better to make a change, so as not to stay too long and make mistakes."Many have called into question the Frenchman's true motives, even suggesting another job is in his sights, because of how recently he claimed he was staying, yet the former Juventus midfielder quickly put paid to such speculation."I'm not looking for another team, nothing has changed for me, it's just a natural decision," he detailed."When I said in February that I wasn't thinking about leaving, Isaid it with sincerity."I said that in this club, things can end in the matter of moments, it's been three years and my time here is over, there are difficult moments within seasons and they make you think."Los Blancos were plunged into crisis by comments made by both Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale in the immediate aftermath of their Champions League success in Kiev, but the 45-year-old maintains no such conflicts have influenced his own decision to leave."No, not at all, these matters don't have anything to do with it," he intimated."The players need a change, there comes a time when you can't ask your players to give you any more."They need to hear a new voice, they know my decision and Iwill talk to the captains about it from here, I've already spoken with Sergio Ramos."